on culture

“What is changing is this: rather than consume only high culture, members of the dominant class now consume much of what they had previously dismissed as mass culture…the strategies for securing distinction are changing. Put simply, what matters is not what you consume but how you consume it.”

(Storey, 2003, p. 46)


«So even if culture was once divided into ‘high’ and ‘popular’ by ‘high’ society, the arrival of mass media has not only added a new category, it has shaken the definition of ‘high culture’ as well. It now seems as though classical music is ‘mass media’ when heard on the radio or CD, but remains ‘high culture’ when experienced in a theatre. Can the work of Picasso simultaneously be both ‘high culture’ and ‘mass media’ as one person observes it in a museum in Barcelona and another views it on the internet in Berlin?»

[GIDDINGS, Andrew, Cultural Differences, in http://www.journoblog.com/2010/05/cultural-differences/]


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