Cultural Commons & the Open Field project

“What do we mean when we talk about cultural commons? First, we mean something that we create together, whether we are talking about wikipedia, which participants research, write and manage together on-line, or ancient traditions forged and passed along by a particular group such as, say, the Hopi nation. Secondly, we mean a way of creativity that embraces values like sharing, community and stewardship as opposed to privatization, enclosure and exploitation.

t’s only very recently that the rise of intellectual property law has tipped the scales toward private ownership of every conceivable aspect of what we create, from breakthroughs in science and other academic fields to traditions in art and pop culture.”

By Brad Lichtenstein

Open Field Artists Residency

When Does Something Become Something Else? The Apparent is the Bridge to the Real.

“Adjust your perceptions with ROLU. For their two-week residency, they have developed a series of hands-on public activities organized around the ideas and people that have influenced them, as well as their wide-ranging interests: landscape and architectural design, urban planning, furniture design, modern and contemporary art history, collaborative public art, and more. Your contribution to the residency is not a coincidence or a passing moment of interaction with ROLU; to the contrary, you are a necessary and important part of ROLU’s art exploration at Open Field.”


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