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Project title: Institute for Imaginary Islands / Institut Imaginärer Inseln; Venue: Die Große Weltausstellung 2012 – The World is Not Fair, Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin; Organisation: HAU/Hebbel am Ufer and raumlaborberlin; Curator: Lukas Feireiss; Curatorial assistance: Kaegh Joshua Allen; Architecture: Kaegh Joshua Allen for Studio Lukas Feireiss with Samuel Boche and Alexander Römer; Date: 01.06.2012 – 24.06.2012

An island can be a lot of things. In literature, film, and philosophy it is alternately described as a place of retreat, as a vanishing point for the desire for social change, but also as a prison and as a site of banishment. It is the allegorical expression of ideas that their inventors have of the world, and of the desires they have for life. The island thus becomes a metaphor of humanity’s transgressing of boundaries and the societies that we live in. It is the place to carry out moral-philosophical questions. It is a question of the conflict between nature and culture, naturalness and civilization, individual and society.

In a physical structure that can simultaneously be a research laboratory and a workshop, the Institute for Imaginary Inslands explores the interpretations give to fictional islands in works such as Plato’s Atlantis, Thomas More’s Utopia, Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, or J.G. Ballard’s Concrete Island – to mention only a few. Together with pubils age 8-12, Feireiss and his team will design their idea of an island and their transposition into the practice of spatial design.


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Project: The Imaginarium. A Theater for Constructed Ecologies; Curators: Studio Lukas Feireiss and Tomorrows Thoughts Today with Luis Berrios Negron; Graphic design: Matthias Hübner; Project management: Urs Kumberger; Special thanks: Etsy, Modulor Berlin, Suteki Bonsai and Silk Relations; The Imaginarium is part of the exhibition ‘Examples to Follow! Expeditions in Aesthetics and Sustainability’ curated by Adrienne Göhler; Venue: Uferhallen Wedding, Berlin; Date: 03.09.2010 – 10.10.2010

Participating artists/architects: 2 A+P/A, AMID (Cero9), Rachel Armstrong, Tuur van Balen, Christoph DM Barlieb, Philip Beesley, Friedrich von Borries, Vincent Callebaut, Revital Cohen Oliver Croy and Oliver Elser, Justine Participants: Cooper, Ecosistema urbano, Eric Ellingsen, Love Enqvist, finsterwalderarchitekten, Vincent Fournier, Lynn Fox, Terunobu Fujimori, Thomas Grünfeld, Ilkka Halso, Husos with Francisco Amaro, Theo Jansen, Christian Kerrigan, Greg Lynn, Ton Matton, Jürgen Mayer H., Lucy McRae, Achim Menges, Nomadisch Grün, Anton Markus Pasing, Phillipe Rahm, Francois Roche/R&Sie(n), Christiane Sauer, Terreform 1, The Center for Land Use Interpretation, The Why Factory, Triptyque, Mas Yendo, Liam Young

Ecology (from Greek: οἶκος, “house” or “living relations”; -λογία, “study of”) is the scientific study of the distributions, abundance, share affects, and relations of organisms and complex structures and their interactions with each other in a common environment.

As a living “wunderkammer“ and alchemists’ den, ‘The Imaginarium’ acts as a discursive exhibit and performative platform suspended within the landscape of the main exhibition. ‘The Imaginarium’ is devoted to the prescient subject of ecological change and adaptations caused by artificial interventions into existing ecosystems. It catalogues a world in which the sun is setting on our idealistic and preservationist views of the natural world. The slow burn of evolutionary change, its endless generations, duplicating and multiplying with gradual mutation and variation is coming to an end. We now design the natural world as if it were the built landscapes of our cities. We sculpt and engineer designer ecologies while organizations remake the earth’s surface at a scale previously unimaginable. Corporations, as native animals of the globalized world, give form to reclaimed islands, instant cities and simulated environments. Against this backdrop, ‘The Imaginarium’ aims to reflect upon the major contemporary processes that evoke, drive and control the changes and challenges we are facing today, all in order to project a creative archaeology of thoughts and inspirations.

The Imaginarium’ is curated as an unnatural history museum of archaeological fragments, botantical samples, exhibits, evidence and curiosities contributed to the exhibition by leading figures from the world of architecture, art and science. Archived in the accompanying Catalogue of Speculative Specimens we see this jump in the fossil record, an evolutionary leap, as the interbreeding of biology and technology gives birth to a strange new nature. Here we gaze out across the near future population of our augmented wilderness. We lie in wait, where the wild things are, as these early specimens breed and multiply, to generate the new cities of a day soon to come.




  1. madalenapestana

    note on the curator:

    “Studio Lukas Feireiss is an interdisciplinary creative practice focused on the discussion and mediation of architecture, art and visual culture in the urban realm run by Lukas Feireiss (*1977). In his artistic, curatorial, editorial and consultive work he aims at the critical cut-up and playful re-evaluation of creative and spatial production modes and their diverse socio-cultural and medial conditions. Lukas Feireiss teaches at various universities worldwide and is visiting professor for space&designstrategies at the University of Art and Design Linz, Austria. He is also the editor and author of numerous books for various international publishers. He attained his graduate education in Comparative Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethnology, where he specialized in the dynamic relationship between architecture and other fields of knowledge.”


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