Research Framework: organization after networks

Theme 3: The Question of Organisation After Networks

The idea of the ‘self-organising network’ has reshaped politics and notions of agency in models of the environment, cognitive science, warfare, government, grassroots activism and even service provision. How does this embrace of the network paradigm beyond its technological sense coincide with economic, social and epistemological shifts? How have the promulgation and critique of networked organising, circulated on the web and in activist circles, impacted our ideas of good or efficacious social organisation? What forms of emergent organisation are moving beyond the aporias of the network?

The proliferation of social institutions (of education, medicalisation, culture, care, etc.) has long been critiqued as producing social and psychic dependencies, normativities and appropriations of the subject in accordance with the logics of state/capitalism – expanding exponentially to organise and format human life. However, we are now undergoing their mass disassembly under the neoliberal model of restructuring. Can we rethink autonomous activity, subjects or agencies in this climate, resisting a collusion with the contracted state brought on by neoliberal ideology and austerity? Can we update historical adventures in alternative, autonomous or autodidact institutions and practices within the context of the net and its many knowledge sharing potentials?

in POST MEDIA LAB RESEARCH FRAMEWORK Theme 3: The Question of Organisation After Networks 


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