archive of destruction (Pedro Lagoa)


«The archive of destruction is an evolving structure dedicated to the collection of documents on actions and ideas that represent a negation of its basic function, which is the preservation of memory. In a simplified manner, one can say that the acts of destruction that find their place in the collection of the archive follow two main lines: one directed against physical elements; the other against ideas or abstract elements – immaterial forms of destruction. On the material side of destruction are comprised documents related with the representational aspects of acts of destruction directed towards physical objects or structures. The destruction towards ideas reflects more abstract and subjective practices of rupture with established ideological systems, codes, practices, values, theories, etc…  The archive of destruction has no fixed address and both content and organisation of the materials there contained are fluid and in constant change. All documents collected in the archive are copies, existing there no originals. The archive touches most diverse areas where ideas or actions of destruction, within well defined guidelines, can be found and there are no hierarchies or impositions of rigid categorizations on the documents.»

[Pedro Lagoa / 2007-12]


About faqonespionage

Look Mom No Head é um colectivo de designers, cientistas visuais, pensadores a full-time, — espiões do quotidiano e do cosmos. Alimenta-se da entropia dos sistemas: zonas autónomas temporárias, jornadas para o desconhecido, mapas para territórios-não-demarcáveis, narrativas instáveis, perspectivas distorcidas, reflexivas e refractárias, fórmulas matemáticas, estruturas e processos recursivos, conspirações e pseudónimos neoistas, redundâncias e reticências.

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