Digital Turning: A Change Of Direction

«In the contemporary situation, we are conscious of successive changes and transformations that could alter the mental and physical context in which we previously moved. Understanding the course of these changes is not only a matter of survival but also a way of visualising the future that awaits us, where “to be or not to be” digital is no longer a question of choice.


Perhaps the most appropriate way to expose this problem, more appropriate than this dictum from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, where an affirmation and its negation cannot be simultaneously valid, is to suggest an approach that can generically be understood in the context of paraconsistent logic, where its validity is not rendered redundant in simple triviality. (…)


It is, however, in the interpretation by Martin Heidegger, on Die Frage nach der Technik (The Question Concerning Technology), a text produced for a conference held in Munich in 1953 that was a part of the Arts in the Era of Technology cycle, that we have, in contemporaneity, a decisive contribution to understanding the meaning of these concepts in the context of digital technology.

Heidegger closes his text with the following challenge: “Because the essence of technology is nothing technological, essential reflection upon technology and decisive confrontation with it must happen in a realm that is, on the one hand, akin to the essence of technology and, on the other, fundamentally different from it. Such a realm is art. But certainly only if reflection upon art, from its part, does not shut its eyes to the constellation of truth, concerning which we are questioning.”


The problem, following this challenge from Heidegger, is how to understand in contemporaneity the digital question in architecture [or communication design] and understand “the constellation of truth, concerning which we are questioning”.1»


1 Martin Heidegger, The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays. Engl. translation and introduction by W. Lovitt. New York: Harper Torchbooks, 1977.p.35



[KRUGER, Mário, Digital Turning: A Change of Direction, in JA 244 Being Digital, OA, 2012]


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