Workers Leaving the Factory, Harun Farocki, 1995 [excerpt]



  1. fasteranaagogo

    Le diable, probablement!

    Robert Bresson’s “The Devil, Probably” (1977)

  2. fasteranaagogo

    Ainda do Harun Farocki, o Die Schulung (1987) mostra-nos o outro lado da empresa, fábrica, a face “executiva”, indivíduos programados para se auto-promoverem.

    “This film is about a five-day seminar designed to teach executives how to “sell themselves” better. This course, designed for managers, teaches the basic rules of dialectics and rhetorics and provides training in body language, gesture and facial expression. The aim of selling something has always been a principle of mercantile action. Yet it was only through the marriage of psychology and modern capitalism that the idea of selling oneself was perfected.” – Lutz Hachmeister, television journalist and professor of communications.

  3. pedrolagoa

    Ainda do Farocki, à volta da programação e uniformização de comportamentos.

    THE INTERVIEW, Harun Farocki, 1995 [excerpt]

    «In the summer of 1996, we filmed application training courses in which one learns how to apply for a Job. […] all of them are supposed to Iearn how to market and sell themselves, a skill to which the term “self management” is applied. The self is perhaps nothing more than a metaphysical hook from which to hang a social identity. […]»
    (Harun Farocki)

    HOW TO LIVE IN THE GERMAN FEDERAL REPUBLIC, Harun Farocki, 1990 [excerpt]

    «[…]”a training camp in which techniques for living are practiced by the professionally living.” Composed entirely of 32 short scenes taken from instructional and training classes, How to Live in the German Federal Republic shows Germany as a country where nothing happens without rehearsal and preparation.»

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