Expanding the field

«While specialization in graphic design accelerated during the last decade, many design educators have been pointing out the need for students of design to have strong general educations  to enable them to be culturally and socially literate in the context in which they will be working. At the same time, we have also wanted to produce students who had enough specialized training to enable them, if not to “master” their crafts, to at least be employable once they graduated. The balance between generalization and specialization was thrown out of whack by the overwhelming problems of digital competence, and the (largely unstated) conviction that to master the new tools was the most critical thing a student could do (…) The short-term focus seemed to be entirely on production.»

[WILD, Lorraine, That was then, and this is now: but what is next?, Emigre Essays, no.39, 1996]


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