Experimental work

«Designers should always try to do work that is experimental.
I don’t even know what that word is supposed to mean in design anymore. It used to mean work that is provisional, not complete or refined; a work in progress that is created to test a hypothesis. A student effort. Something you do to test an idea or technique, not something you do to publish or show off. Not that there is anything wrong with a kind of gratuitous showing off, but you shouldn’t try to justify it by calling it experimental.The idea that experimental work is complex or obtuse and cutting edge is really cornball.We should be much more critical of anything labeled experimental.
After all, that is the point of an experiment: to see if it worked. Legitimately experimental work is part of the design process and goes on all the time, a process that most designers started in school, and many continue with. It’s a means, not an end.
Mature designers often don’t need to experiment very much anymore, as they know what they are after and are working on refining and improving their vision and craft. For the most part they keep their experiments to themselves and just show us the good stuff.»

[KEEDY, Mr., Dumb Ideas, in BIERUT, DRENTTEL, HELLER, Looking Closer 5 Critical Writing on Graphic Design, 2006]


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