science, design and new ideas

«In a very real sense, science is the connective tissue linking past to present to future, and in this context, its relationship to visual communication is critical. It is through graphic design that the complexities and wonders of science are revealed. So why are there so few designers participating in the articulation, expression, and dissemination of these new ideas? Why isn’t there a more central, intellectually relevant, and creatively meaningful role for designers—one that revolves less around aestheticizing preexisting content and is based, instead, on inventing new ways to visualize these new ideas?»


[HELFAND, Jessica, DRENTTEL, William, Wonders Revealed, in BIERUT, DRENTTEL, HELLER, Looking Closer 5 Critical Writing on Graphic Design, 2006]

Originally published in Emigre, no. 64 (Winter 2003


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