perceptual-psychological necessity for representation

about the MAP OF FEDERAL CITY «parallel between such systems and the way modern man still approaches the world. And what was true of primitive man in all the ramifications of his practical and emotional life – namely the need to represent the phenomenal world in such a way that it becomes a coherent and logical system – persists in our own organizations, and more particularly in our attitude toward the man-made objects of our environment»

«the arrangement of forms such as found in a painting by Kandinsky is in fact very low in content, unless we attribute to these forms some system of conventional meanings not inherent in the forms themselves. His thesis is that physiognomic forms are ambiguous, though not wholly without expressive value, and that they can only be interpreted within a particular cultural ambience.»

[COLQUHOUN, Alan, Typology and Design Method]
image: Map of Las Vegas Strip (detail) showing every written word seen from the road (VENTURI, SCOTT-BROWN)

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