Archive: future of the concept

«the concepts of sensible “impression” and of copy play a major role there in the genealogy of ideas; and is not the copy of an impression already a sort of archive.»


«”Archive” is only a notion, an impression associated with a word for which we do not have a concept. We only have an impression, an insistent impression through the unstable feeling of a shifting figure, of a schema, or of an in-finite or indefinite process


I consider it to be the possibility and the very future of the concept, to be the very concept of the future, if there is such a thing and if, as I believe, the idea of the archive depends on it


It involves the history of the concept, it inflects archive desire or fever, their opening on the future, their dependency with respect to what will come, in short, all that ties knowledge and memory to the promise.»


[DERRIDA, Jacques, Archive Fever A Freudian Impression, Chicago Press, 1998, pp.29-30]


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