«k. is a freee adaptation of the imagery experimented by K. in ‘The Castle’ by Franz Kafka (1924), that transports the user in a
vertiginous voyage through the spatial abstraction ambient labyrinth tridimensional indetermined navigable open continuous complex cyclic a hybrid software somewhere in between a series of interactive paintings for mouse, and a proto-game whose purpose is to launch the user in a quest for count west-west, that bullies the geometric and moving machinery of the system where k. moves runs interactively in a browser with java installed in mac, win, linux (built with processing) advisable cpu 1ghz programmed by André Sier (www.s373.net) in 2007 conceived and developed february-august 2007 as a proposal for virtual gallery of direcção geral das artes.


k.~ is a sonic land-surveyor of infinite spaces. A three dimensional voyage in continuous space through sound. Infinite (32bit limited) spaces are enumerated randomly, as k.~ goes to new levels, crossing an ever ending abstract maze. Sound input via computer’s microphone controls the navigation of k.~ in the abstract 3d space. Different pitches and intensities trigger distinct actions. (code, computer, microphone, screen, 2010)»








launched 1 outubro 2007
link para galeria net.arte da dgartes http://netarte.dgartes.pt/
link projecto k. http://netarte.dgartes.pt/kandresier2007/
link projecto k. http://s373.net/x/k_www


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