unrealized projects

“Irrespective of whether it is realized or not, every project presents a unique vision of the future that it is itself fascinating and instructive. Frequently however, many of the project proposals that our civilization is costantly producing are lost or simply thrown away when they are rejected. This careless approach to the art form of the project formulation is quite regrettable, really, because it often prevents us from analyzing and understanding the hopes and visions of the future that are invested in these proposals, and these things can say more about our society than anything else. Because within the system of art the exhibition of a document is sufficient to give it life, the art archive is particularly well suited to being the archive of these sorts of projects that were realized at some time in the past or will be realized in the future, but above all to being the archive of utopian projects that can never be realized fully. These utopian projects that are doomed to failure in the current economic and political reality can be kept alive in art, in that the documentation of these projects constantly changes hands and authors

Boris Groys, Art Power, The Mit Press, Cambridge MA, 2008, p. 99.

Museum of Refused and Unrealized Art Projects

on the Agency of Unrealized Projects: Mission Impossible – Hans Ulrich Obrist presents unrealized art projects in Basel


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